2024 N.E.W.C. New circuit format

                                                   ATTENTION ANGLERS

I have made a drastic format change to the Entry and payout structure of the N.E.W.C..

As every one knows I have tried numerous changes in entry fees and guarenteed money. I still am going to run this circuit, but as most of you know it is only to give my loyal teams that have stuck by this circuit the added opportunity to qualify to the NTC.

With this said I hope this new format makes you happy, and we pick up a more teams once they learn of the structure.

With the exception of the Erie event, this will be a qualifying circuit format only.

The Lake Erie Event is a stand alone format and pay out structure to remain the same as in the past. We will use this event for points position for team of year standings.

1. The 3 Kinzua events will have a $75.00 Entry Fee per event, and will be run in conjunction with the 3 Sunday Events run by Kinzua Outdoors.

2. You must sign up for all three events and pay for them even if you can't fish them all. (we need a minimum of 6 teams)

3. You must also fish each Kinzua Outdoors event that day. (if you are unable to attend 1 k.o.event you do not have to pay that k.o. Entry fee, but must still pay for the n.e.w.c.)

4. You must be a member of the twf, and we must be named the mother club. (we need 24 members for the 2 circuits)

5. The winner of each Kinzua event will receive a "PAID" NTC Qualifier.

6. There will be "NO" Plaques and no prize money awarded to placing teams.

7. The Erie event will be used for points to determine t.o.y., but it will be a high dollar entry fee, stand alone event Paying out 80% down 5 places and big fish included,etc.

8. The t.o.y. Will receive a paid NTC Qualifier (as long as we get 4 spots)

9. You can only receive 1 NTC spot reguarless if you win 2 or more. Your other spots will be passed down to another N.E.W.C. Team based on the following: a.) next highest point team that paid for all 4 events, b.)next highest point team based on paying for all 3 kinzua events, and then down the points line.

10. Points stay with the captain, but you can substitute partners if needed.

11. You can "NOT" give a qualifier to another team.

12. If you qualify in both our circuits, you will be given KO qualifier, and your N.E.W.C. Qualifier will be passed down the points line to next eligible n.e.w.c. Team. If all N.E.W.C. Teams are qualified the spots will revert back to ko teams.

Kinzua: May 7th, June 11th, September 10th.
Erie: July 1st North East Marina (high $ entry fee)

Any questions please call me.

Tom Means