This system is designed to reward all aspects of a tournament catch and participation.

1st place 100 points
2nd lace 90 points
3rd place 80 points
4th place 70 points
5th place 60 points
6th place 50 points
7th place 40 points
8th place 30 points
9th place 20 points
10th place 10 points
Big Fish 5 points
Each Fish Weighed 1 point each
Each team entered 1 point each
Tournament entry fee bonus –
100 points per event


July Tournament

3rd place finish
80 Points

Big fish for tournament
5 Points

3 fish weighed
3 Points

27 teams entered
27 Points

Tournament entry fee bonus
100 Points

215 Points

•We will be counting your 4 finishes for the T.O.Y. Awards.

•There will be no place points awarded for the top ten finishers in the event a team doesn’t weight a fish. You will still receive your entry points, along with # of teams points.