TOURNAMENT RULES

If you are unable to fish the event after signing up due to emergency situations (death, injury, called to active duty, etc) your money will be refunded, or it will be applied to the next event.

This will be a live release tournament, but there will be no penalty for dead fish.

You may fish by yourself, or the captain may have as many substitutes as needed. You may have a partner quit early if needed.

Points will stay with the team captain. In case of tie for Team of Year, any prize money will be split evenly. There will be no tie breaker.

In the event that the team captain will be unable to fish the remainder of the season, the partner (must be same partner for all events fished together) will be allowed to take over as captain, and keep all points earned to date. Tournament director must be notified of change prior to event as well as ok the change.

You may launch at another ramp before the event and then boat to official launch site, but every team shall start and end at the official launch site. All boats “must” under go a fair play inspection at the designated launch site before take off.

Each team member is required to have all applicable fishing licenses if age requires, and must abide by all applicable laws. P F D’s must be worn when main combustion engine is running in gear above trolling speeds.

All boats must comply with all U.S. Coast guard and appropriate states requirements.

You may not leave your boat at any time during the tournament unless there is an emergency.

You may not come in contact with any other boat except for emergency, or mechanical breakdown. In case of break down, you may put your catch in another competitors boat, but they must be kept separated from other teams fish.

Tournament contestants are responsible for determining whether the weather conditions are safe or not once event has started. Once the event has started, it will count towards the t.o.y. points, even if shortened due to bad weather.

All boats are to be ready for their “fair play” inspection before they launch 6:00 – 6:45 am, at which time they will receive that days boat number.

Teams may bring no more than 5 legal fish to the scales each day. Teams bringing an undersized fish to the scale will result in the team forfeiting their biggest fish in their catch. All fish will be measured on the official tournament scale.

In the event of a tie, prize money shall be split equally between the tied teams. Both teams will receive the higher position points. If both teams did not weigh a big fish, a coin toss or fish off will decide the out come of plaques.

Start time will begin at 7:00 am, and arrival time will be at 3: 30 pm. Times may be modified if necessary by the director. If late, you will loose 1 lb per minute. After 15 minutes, you will be DQ’D, ( late is NOT being in site of observer at return spot ).

Payouts are based on number of teams as follows,

1 - 15 teams: pays 3 places
16 - 19 teams pays 4 places
20 - 60 teams pays 5 places
Over 60 teams add 1 more payout place per every 14 teams

Liability/Waiver - N.E.W.C., all host sites (North East Marina, Oneida Shores, Mosquito park, Pendergrass state launch, Corydon General Store owner) board members, partners, employees, helpers, sponsors, promoters, tournament directors, and organizations assisting in the tournament operation are not responsible for injuries, deaths, damages, liability, theft, fire, or any loss of any kind to contestants and their equipment. Each entrant, upon signing an entry form and or participating in the event, will be signing a waiver on that form stating that they assume full responsibility for the above and their actions are voluntary. It is there responsibility to determine if the conditions are not safe. Disqualification from the tournament for any reason will result in forfeiture of entry fee. The Tournament Director’s ruling will be the final decision in any rules interpretation.