The N.E.W.C. was officially formed in January 2006, but its vision had been spawned back in the Fall of 2002.

Over the last few years while I had been tournament fishing, I noticed a couple things were missing. There was no premiere “Eastern” walleye circuit, and what was available above the local club levels were unaffordable to the normal working person.

The N.E.W.C. has taken care of this by becoming the “Premiere Eastern Walleye Circuit” in which the average person can afford to participate.

The goals of the N.E.W.C. are simple: “We are for the fisherman”.

We will strive to continuously pick bodies of water that will offer a quality fishing experience at the peak bites, while lending itself accessible to the average fisherman.

Promoting the bodies of water that we have in the East, along with the talented anglers that have been waiting for their opportunity to compete is not the only objective though, we will also be introducing the sport to many new anglers of all ages.

The youth of today need to be introduced to our sport to instill some of what the outdoors has to offer. By showing them our passion, it will help to instill the enthusiasm that will be carried with them throughout their life and passed on for generations to come.

Along with the above, we will also be helping our local communities to prosper, and the positive exposure will attract many new companies to support “all’ the circuits along with the anglers in our part of the country.

By accomplishing our goals, we should ensure that the sport that we love will continue to grow and be around for our future generations to enjoy.

I hope you will continue to enjoy the rest of the site.

Thomas G. Means
Executive Director